Lengkap: Contoh Narrative text dan Soalnya

Text 1

Once open  a time there  was a girl Cinderella. She lived with her  bad step-mother and two step-sister. She had to do  all the household chores.
One day, the king invited all the ladies in the kingdom to go to a ball in the pleace. He wanted to find the crown prince a wife.
The  step-sister went to the ball that night with their mother. Cinderella was left alone. She cried because she actually wanted to go to the ball too. Just then a fairy godmother  came. With her magic wand, sha gave Cinderella a coach, two horse, and footman, sha also gave Cinderella a  lovely dress to wear to the ball  and pair of glass slippers.  She told Cinderella to come home before midnight.
At the ball, Cinderella danced all night with the prince. The prince fall in love with her. At midnight, Cinderella ran home. Unfortunately, one of her  glass  slippers slipped  off at the door.
The prince was sad  as he could not find Cinderella agaian that night.
The text day, the prince and his men brought along the glass slipper and whet all over  the kingdom to the search  for the owner.
After  searching for a long time, finally, the came  to Cinderella’s house, the slipper fitted her. The prince was very happy to find Cinderella again. They got married and lived happy ever  after

Answer the question based on the text!

1.                   Why was Cinderella left  alone?
2.                   How  did the fairy godmother help Cinderella?
3.                   What did the fairy godmother  tell Cinderella to do?
4.                   How did the prince and his men find Cinderella?
5.                   What happened to the  prince and Cinderella  at the end of the story?  

Text 2
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Once upon a time, in a great castle there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her step mother. Her parents were death many years ago.
Though her stepmother was a wicked woman, she was very beautiful too, and the magic mirror told her this every day, whenever she asked it.
            "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the loveliest lady in the land?" The reply was always "You are, your Majesty," until the dreadful day when she heard it say, "Snow White is the loveliest in the land." The stepmother was furious and, wild with jealousy, began plotting to get rid of her rival.
One day, her step mother asked her maid to kill Snow White. Her step mother was jealous of her beauty. The maid couldn’t kill her. He brought Snow White to a jungle and released her.
Snow White was very sad. She felt hungry and tired.
Then she saw a very old hut. She knocked it but no one answered.
So she went inside and fell asleep.
Meanwhile, seven dwarfs were coming home from work. They went inside. They found Snow White sleeping. Then Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs. The dwarfs said,” What is your name?” Snow White answered,” I am Snow White”.
The dwarfs said,” If you wish, you may live here with us.” Snow White said,” Oh, could? Thank you.” Then Snow White told the dwarfs her whole story. Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived happily with them.
The next day the dwarfs went out to look for their meals. Then an old beggar knocked the door and gave her a red apple. She ate it at once. Suddenly she was unconscious.
 She was sleeping for long time. The dwarfs were very confused.
 Fortunately a handsome man came in. He saw Snow White and felt in love. He kissed her and…Snow White woke up.
Finally they got married and lived happily ever after.

Answer the question based on the text!
1.                   Why did her step mother want to kill her?
2.                   What did Snow White see in the jungle?
3.                   Why did the dwarfs allow Snow White to live with them?
4.                   What happened after Snow White ate the red apple?
5.                   Who woke up Snow White?

Text 3
Peter Pan
Once upon a time there was a beautiful place called Neverland where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lived. Not so far from this place is the city of London where John, Wendy and Michael Darling lived. They really loved the story of Peter. One day Peter Pan appeared and asked the children to fly to Neverland. They were very excited to see the scenery and beauty of Neverland. Then they were surprised to know the existence of a cruel pirate called Captain Hook. One day Captain Hook captured Tinker Bell and forced her to show Peter Pan's place. In doing so all .Peter's friends The Darlings were captured and taken to the pirate ship. Captain Hook frightened the children by putting them on the plank.
Suddenly Peter Pan appeared and stopped everything. In a fierce duel, he threw Hook and all the pirates overboard. Hook was chased away by a crocodile, and nobody cared to save him.
The Darlings were so happy and thankful to Peter Pan. They told Peter their intention to go home. With the sprinkle of Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust, Captain Hook's pirate ship was sailing through the skies of Neverland, heading back to the Darlings' home in London.

Answer the question based on the text!
1.                   Write the character’s in the Peter Pan story’s!
2.                   Why Captain Hook captured Tinker Bell?
3.                   Where is the plank that was used by Captain Hook to frighten the children?
4.                   What is the problem faced by Peter Pan?
5.                   How can John, Wendy and Michael back to their home in London?

Text 4
Prince William
Once upon a time there was a little boy named Prince William. Prince William was bored so he decided to take a walk through the Magical Forrest. The Magical Forrest was a special place where all the trees and leaves talked. Prince William had enjoyed many afternoons laughing and talking with the leaves. Today was no different; as soon as he entered the Forrest he was sucked into a joke.
"Knock, knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Leaf who?"
"Leaf me alone I'm treeing to sleep!"
Prince William joined in with the laughing leaves but off in the distance he heard a whisper. He left the pile of laughing leaves and followed the whisper through the woods. He ran into a tree that had something important to say. The tree was old and hard to understand but the old tree told Prince William that King Daddy was missing.
Prince William was so worried about King Daddy that he immediately left the old tree and forgot all about the laughing leaves. He started looking everywhere he could think for King Daddy but had no luck. Soon enough Prince William had run into another little boy, it was Prince Riley. The two princes' were brothers so Prince William told Prince Riley all about how Kind Daddy was missing. Just like Prince William, Prince Riley was just as concerned and he left the tree he was climbing to help.
The two prince's looked everywhere for king Daddy. They looked high; all the way up in the trees’ branches. They looked low, way low in the grass and dirt. They looked in things like holes and the water in the pond. They looked everywhere they could think and they were getting exhausted. Prince William had come up with a brilliant plan to go back and ask the old tree if he had any other information.
The two Princes wasted no time and raced off to find the old tree. Dodging branches and jumping rocks they managed to find the old tree in no time at all. Out of breath, both Prince William and Prince Riley tried to explain to the tree that they needed help. While the tree was old he was very wise and knew what the boys wanted. The tree waved his branches starting a breeze to cool the two prince's down. Once the two were calm the old tree started to tell the story of how he knew King Daddy was missing.
"Early this morning I saw King Daddy walking through the leaf piles talking with all the leaves. I heard one of the leaves give King Daddy a riddle about the magical cabin at the end of the Forrest. The Magical cabin is full of silly tying rope."
So as the old tree finished his story the boys calmly thanked the old tree and raced to the end of the Forrest. Just like the old tree said they found the magical cabin. Inside the magical cabin they found King Daddy tied up with rope on the floor. The Two princes' did not hesitate; they pulled out their swords, cut the ropes, and saved the day!

Answer the question based on the text!
1.             Where did the story take place?
2.             According to text, how different was the Magical Forest from other forests?
3.             How did the Prince William know that the King Daddy was missing?
4.             What was the bright plan Prince William got before finding King Daddy?
5.             What probably happened if the two Princesses could not find King Daddy at the right time? 

Text 5
Jack and the beanstalk
Once upon a time there was a poor widow who had an only son named Jack. They were so poor that they didn’t have anything except a cow. When the cow had grown too old, his mother sent Jack to the market to sell it. On the way to the market, Jack met a butcher who had some beautiful beans in his hand. The butcher told the boy that the beans were of great value and persuaded the silly fad to sell the cow for the beans.
Jack brought them happily. When he told his mother about this, his mother became so angry that she threw the beans out of the window.
When Jack woke up in the morning, he felt the sun shining into a part of his room but all the rest was quite dark and shady.
So he jumped to the window. What did he see? The beanstalk grew up quite close past Jack’s window. He opened the window and jumped to the beanstalk which ran up just like a big ladder.
He climbed … and climbed till at last he reached the sky. While looking around, he saw a very huge castle. He was very amazed.
Then Jack walked along the path leading to the castle. There was a big tall woman on the doorstep. Jack greeted her and asked for the giantess mercy to give him breakfast, because he felt very hungry. Although the giantess grumbled at first, finally she gave Jack a hunk of bread and cheese and a jug of milk.
Jack hadn’t finished when the whole house, began to tremble with the noise of someone’s coming. “Oh! It’s my husband!” cried the giantess. “What on earth shall I do?”
Hastily the giantess opened a very big cupboard and hid Jack there.
Answer the question based on the text!
1.          What is the begining of the text above?
2.          What is the mother’s  Jack ordered?
3.          What happened after the Jack greeted her and asked for the giantess mercy to give him breakfast?
4.          What is the Jack saw while he reach the sky?
5.          How the end of the story?

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