My Home Town

Sengkang, sulaweasi selatan. Indonesia is my home town.
Sengkang is a great city with kind of custom and culture who still maintained. Sengkang is the capital of regency Wajo which located in the northern of Soppeng regency and in the southern of Sidrap regency. It's about ..... km square and it has about ..... people.
The people are very friendly and still defend their hospitaly wherever they are and most of its use Bugis language as language for everyday. They commonly live in wooden house, brick house, platform, or wooden platforms.
Who match with the farm atmosphere and the high levels of soil fertility, making the most of its people work as a farmer, but there are also work as entrepreneur entrepreneurs like silk. In the stirrups city, silk is very popular, we could choose this kind of silk from the type of production equipment like ATM (Alat Tenun Menenun/Weaving Equipment Weaving).

Beside that, stirrups city its also popular with some tourism objects like padduppa river, cave history and also tempe lake. The touris can enjoyed the beautiful nature of tempe lake with a floating house nuanced camp in Bugis hamlets along the lake shore. Very intersting. Especially if on augustus, will hold a community feast maccera Tappareng that once coupled with the implementation of lake tempe festival with a variety of arts and cultural aktraksi like ornamental Bugis boats, racing boats and mappitupitu game. For tourists who want to stay, can visit atakka'e custom home is located not far enough away from the lake tempe.
Its my hometown and Im happy to have such a lovely hometown Because this is my place, place where im born and grew up with the culture.

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